Join this fall´s most motivating activity campaign

Challenge period: September 22 – October 26


Are you ready to go around the Nordics? For 5 weeks we go from Helsingki to Rekjavik with stops in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Together you focus on teambuilding and an active everyday life.

Spread the invitation to all your colleagues

You can, for example, print and place the invitation in the break room, hand it out to all employees or send it on via e-mail.

Put up posters

Download a poster about the challenge and hang it up at work where many can see it.

Collect registrations

We recommend that a person from the workplace makes a joint registration. The only thing we need to know when registering is how many you will be. (so we do not need the names of all participants). If you become more after the registration has been made, it is easy to make a late registration, we will help you!